Episode 30: Erin Gargan On Social Media, Likeabilty, Shareability and Dateability! - Petra Kolber

Erin is a rockstar of Social Media. In this conversation, we talk about best practices and how to create content that goes viral.

Increasing Social Media Engagement Amongst Millennial Listeners

Discover the secret to getting more likes and shares out of your social media posts as Socialite Agency’s Erin Gargan details millennial behavior...

[Podcast] Boost Your Speaker Bookings with Social Media with Erin Gargan

On Episode 52 of the Wealthy Speaker Podcast, Erin Gargan shares digital persuasion tips that will help you book more gigs with social media.

The Tradeshow Show with guest Erin Gargan, Founder of Socialite

Discover the secret to getting more likes and shares out of your social media posts as Socialite Agency’s Erin Gargan details millennial behavior on various social media platforms and offers best practices for interacting socially with this key demographic.

Top 3 Podcast - Erin Gargan | Chic CEO

Top 3 Tips for Marketing Events Using Social Media. Listen to Erin's Interview now.

From 9-5 to CEO with Erin Gargan

From the Socialite Website: Erin is an award-winning social media marketer who has been featured in Forbes, BusinessWeek, Business Insider, OC Metro, OC Register and more.


Turning That "Time of the Month" Into Profit

A new start-up called recently launched - yes,

NAB Show Monday: The Doors Open, And Radio Talks About Digital Strategies

By PERRY MICHAEL SIMON in LAS VEGAS: After a weekend of engineering panels, the 2017 NAB SHOW starts in earnest on MONDAY (4/24) in LAS VEGAS with a theme of "The M.E.T. Effect"...

NAB Show: For Stations and Millennials, Sharing is Caring.

The key to increasing the value of social media utilized by radio stations...

2016 ISPA Conference & Expo Professional Development Sessions – Mindful Marketing | International Spa Association

In preparing your Conference week, don’t forget about the Professional Development Sessions that will take place each day.

International Speakers Summit 2017 Draws Thousands to Hear World's Best Motivational Speakers and Keynote Speakers

International Speakers Summit™ this week drew a record 5,200 attendees to hear some of the world's best motivational speakers and business keynote speakers.

Erin Gargan CEO, Wipes and PMS Pain Relief Delivered Monthly

VM Live Hosts Millennial Project Event, Power in #s

NEW YORK—95 million eyes. That is roughly the number of Millennials' eyes currently using of some sort of vision correction.

Use good content “the right way” to communicate more effectively with social media

Bryan Elliott of The Good Brain Digital Studios does a fantastic job bringing Orange County business people together each month with his Linked OC events.