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Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace

Best Audience: Sales Meetings, Entrepreneurs, Direct Sales

When you type, text or tweet, how persuasive are you? When you reach out to someone new online- do you get answered or do you get ignored? Your ability to positively influence others without the power of your nonverbal communication is THE sales success skill to master for today's digital age. Forget firm handshakes and eye contact- first impressions in the 21st century are dependent on your digital persuasion prowess. Are you able to entice someone to give you a chance- using just your keyboard?

In person, you have 8 seconds to make a first impression. Online, you have 2.5 seconds. How can you win over that potential customer, client or partner in 2.5 seconds and inspire them to take action? It starts with the first ten words of that mobile notification persuading your recipient that you are an "open" and not an "ignore."

Erin helps her audiences understand the psychology behind why some people's digital messaging wins face time with new prospects-while most others don’t. She shares her formula for how to effectively and appropriately elicit a response, spark a dialogue and bypass the “screen-keeper” to attract more face to face meetings. Using Erin’s formula, attendees leave empowered and equipped to attract attention, increase influence and win more opportunities in the digital age.

Learning Objectives

Your audience will understand:

  • What is digital persuasion and why it’s an essential survive-and-thrive skill to master
  • How the evolution of social media has impacted traditional business networking and communication
  • How to digitally differentiate yourself and attract more of your sales targets without the power of nonverbal communication
  • Psychology principles behind effective digital persuasion  
  • The One Thing all digitally persuasive salespeople have in common
  • The biggest digital influence mistake everyone makes- and how to avoid it  
  • The 3 Step Digital Persuasion Formula for transforming online activity into offline relationships and opportunities