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Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace

Best Audience: Direct Sellers, Corporate Marketers, Entrepreneurs

What inspires us to take action? What do the most digitally persuasive posts, messages, and emails have in common? How can direct sellers and marketers persuade today’s social, mobile and digitally overwhelmed consumer to stop the scroll and engage or better yet, share?

Social and digital platforms can be the modern marketer's best friend or worst time-wasting enemy. Using her experience having sold two companies before the age of 30, and having quarterbacked hundreds of social media campaigns for VISA, The Oscars, ABC/Disney, Target, Hitachi, Siemens and others- Erin shares her very simple secret for communicating in a more persuasive way every single time you type, text or tweet. 

You'll quickly and easily understand how to combat our tendency to deploy generic digital messaging. You'll understand what is scientifically happening with social posts that get ignored versus the ones that ignite action and gain momentum. You'll see your stories, emails, texts, videos and all other digital communication get a much needed persuasive punch- so you can positively influence others to get on board with your mission.

Translating what makes us so persuasive face to face to work more effectively in the digital environment starts with examining our daily customer communications through a new lens. Increase your digital persuasion prowess, and you’ll quickly increase the tangible success of your digital sales and marketing efforts.

You'll leave empowered, enlightened and of course- entertained!

Learning Objectives

You'll understand:

  • The powerful psychological principles behind becoming a more digitally persuasive communicator 
  • How to combat the "empathy-blocker effect" of screens
  • A simple mind trick to improve how influential you are every time you type, text or tweet
  • The one thing all highly persuasive digital communication has in common 
  • The biggest social media marketing mistake most people make- and how to avoid it 
  • How to persuade your audience to share more of your content with their trusted network